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Globalista SAS

Carrera 7 #73-55, Piso 8
Torre Ultraburs√°tiles

T +57 1 313 8354


Rosales 6, A-2
08017 Barcelona

T +34 618 169 488

Twitter: @globalista_co


Whitefield International Ltd

The Barn - Suite 2, Puckshipton House
Beechingstoke, Wiltshire
SN9 6HG United Kingdom

T +44 1672 851 802

Globalista provides comprehensive advisory services for companies interested in starting or improving their internationalisation processes between Latin America and Europe.

We help Colombian companies connect with the UK and UK companies connect with Colombia and work closely with Whitefield International in the UK to bring companies the best of our Colombia and UK networks.

Our services together with our Strategic Alliance with Whitefield International, are designed to connect businesses and markets in the most efficient way possible, and creating relationships that add value to all parties involved. Our added value comes from our capacity to accelerate business interactions generated in an environment of transparency and professionalism that minimises risks and maximises benefits.


International Trade

We provide comprehensive advice for all those companies who believe in their products or services and are interested in starting or consolidating their international presence. We offer:

  • Legal, financial, commercial and logistical advisory for internationalisation;

  • Strategy development for internationalisation (franchises, Joint Ventures, distributorships, representations, etc);

  • Research on possible markets for products and services;

  • Identification of possible alliances/partners and clients in new markets;

  • Representation and/or intermediation in new markets;

  • Identification of financial vehicles that simplify and enable international trade, such as standbys, letters of credit and factoring, amongst others.


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Investing in foreign markets tends to generate uncertainty. We are dedicated to support investors to make optimal decisions regarding the choice of partner and markets in which to invest. Furthermore, we provide concrete and effective support in the execution of investments. We can also help those seeking investment to professionalise their offering in order to show the robustness and transparency required in the demanding international markets.

  • Identification of potential foreign investors and projects;

  • Legal, financial, commercial and logistical advisory;

  • Identification of possible alliances/partners in new markets.


International Collaboration

The world of international trade takes advantage of all platforms but is firmly based on personal networks and experience. Globalista, through its networks and alliances, provides great value to its customers in connecting them with ideal counterparts, forging an atmosphere of trust and ethics at the highest level.

  • Identification of possible alliances/partners and clients in new markets;

  • Identification of adequate international collaboration agreements between companies located in different regions in order to share technology, know-how, quality standards and processes.


Globalista's strategic assets

  • Strategic partnership with Whitefield International.

  • Multilingual team with international experience.

  • Broad network in Europe & Latin America.

  • Marketing, financial & logistical advisory.

  • Broad international legal knowledge & experience.