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BT Colombia Headquarters, Bogotá

Calle 113 # 7-21
Torre A oficina 1112
Teleport Business Park
Bogotá, Colômbia

Telephone: +57 (1) 6292262
Fax: +57 (1) 6292240

BT UK Headquarters, London

BT Centre
81 Newgate Street
United Kingdom

Global Services, (UK Customers) - Tel: 0800 028 5314
(9:00 am to 5:00 pm - Mon to Fri )


Hilde Yrlesa Liedo S.
Sales Director
Telephone: +57 (1) 629 2262  Ext. 8247
Fax: +57 (1) 629 2240


Sylvia Gamez
Telephone: +57 (1) 629 2262  Ext. 8202
Fax: +57 (1) 629 2240


BT in Colombia

Colombia is one of BT's fastest expanding operations in Latin America, employing more than 130 people with a strong focus on highly qualified professional services specialists. Customers in Colombia include large national organisations such as Ecopetrol and Compartel as well as global companies operating in the country, such as Unilever and SABMiller. The Bogota Centre of Excellence for Data Centre Services and Security Management plays an important role for BT, by developing new products, spreading specialist knowledge and supporting other teams across Latin America.

BT operates in 22 Latin American countries with integrated commercial and operational capabilities and +1000 employees throughout the region, offering a wide range of networked IT services including IP infrastructure, application services, outsourcing solutions and business transformation.

With an extensive network infrastructure in constant evolution, BT's Latin American customers are supported by two self-reliant Network & Security Operations Centres located in Brazil and Argentina with business continuity fallback capabilities, fully integrated with other BT's operations centres around the world, ensuring truly globalized operations management. Additional network operations centers located in El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela provide network monitoring and proactive diagnosis on a 24/7 basis for customer's operations regionwide.

"BT is a leader in providing integrated solutions in telecommunications and information technologies tailored to the needs of customers and market development in Latin America." Jorge Marchena, Director General Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, Latin America BTGS


New IT Security Services

BT Assure Secure Web and BT Assure Managed Firewall services in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, were launched in September 2012, to help regional customers build more sustainable businesses with added security and resilience in their IT processes.

Assure Secure Web provides secure and controlled access to the Internet, enabling secure web communications and helping enforce corporate security policy, in addition to improving user experience. Assure Secure Web is a fully managed service, freeing up the client from investments in in-house expertise. The service is primarily designed for multi-site entities and is applicable to all industry sectors.

Assure Managed Firewall protects the perimeter of a private network at the point it meets the Internet, and enforces security policy by allowing tightly controlled access from the Internet, according to customer needs. It is a highly scalable service, which can meet the needs of different sizes of organisation - from those using simple Internet links, through to large-scale WAN infrastructures. It supports regulatory compliance, providing centralised policy management and reporting, as well as direct support standards, such as the Payment Card Industry.

Both new services are part of the BT Assure portfolio, a world class set of capabilities which captures expertise from right across BT and its technology partners, and is designed around four main goals: anticipate the evolving threat landscape, control cost in security; improve operating efficiencies, and support audit and compliance activities.

"Businesses from all around the world are investing and expanding in Latin America. BT is also investing in the region to better help those companies, as well local national businesses and government bodies, to roll out their growth initiatives. In order to grow in a sustainable way in today's economy, customers need to be able to rely on a highly secure infrastructure. By promoting intelligence and innovation through our BT Assure portfolio, we help our customers to identify, implement and deliver security where it matters most, building it into the heart of the organisation. BT has one of the largest dedicated security and business continuity practices in the world, with more than 1,300 practitioners serving clients globally. We put our extensive knowledge at the service of our clients in Latin America, delivering in the region the high quality security services we provide in other key business centres around the world." Ashish Gupta, President Portfolio & Service Design in BT Global Services



BT has fresh contracts with Ecopetrol, the largest company in Colombia and the fourth largest oil company in Latin America. BT is providing Ecopetrol with data centre and satellite connectivity capabilities, as well as professional services that contribute to the company's growth strategy at a decisive moment in its expansion.

Ecopetrol's core business is the exploration, production, transport, refining and commercialisation of oil and natural gas. Ecopetrol is also involved in exploration and production activities in Brazil, Peru and the United States Gulf Coast.

BT is delivering the following services to Ecopetrol:

  • Satellite services that connect Ecopetrol's oil exploration and drilling areas throughout Colombia, including in remote areas lacking infrastructure;

  • Hosted connectivity services, leveraging BT's data centre capabilities in Colombia. Those services include collocation, storage, switching, connectivity and firewall services. They provide Ecopetrol with a more agile, flexible and resilient IT infrastructure.

  • Professional services, including the management by BT of a number of Ecopetrol assets such as storage, telephony system, security infrastructure, LAN/WAN infrastructure, data centre infrastructure, structured cabling and energy systems. Ecopetrol will benefit from improved productivity and the ability to better focus on its core business

"Our customers in Colombia and in wider Latin America are asking us to help them grow and transform their business in the region and around the world. The investment programme we announced nearly a year ago is driven by the ambition to respond to the requirements of companies such as Ecopetrol. We are bringing innovative new services to the region and are increasing our ability to offer the best quality of service in the industry. The successful delivery of our contracts with Ecopetrol tells us that our customers agree with our strategic choices, and see great benefits in partnering with us." Luis Alvarez, CEO, BT Global Services


Cloud-based data centre services in Latin America

BT Cloud Compute and BT Private Compute bring new servers and new applications to growing organisations at the flip of a switch

BT announced in September 2012, immediate availability of two new services of its BT Compute portfolio in Brazil and Colombia, with availability in Mexico planned for later this year. With these services, organisations will benefit from data centre resources - such as storage and computing capacity - that adapt to their needs in the most flexible way possible.

Clients can choose BT Cloud Compute to rapidly deploy scalable, pay-as-you-go services from a secure self-service online portal, or BT Private Compute, which delivers the new generation of IT infrastructure services by consolidating and simplifying those services onto a single platform, reducing costs and management time. BT can also offer a mix of the Cloud Compute and Private Compute services, providing fast and flexible access to the latest data centre technology.

Latin American customers are supported by four world class data centres, located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The Bogota data centre also hosts a BT Centre of Excellence for Data Centre Services and Security Management, bringing together highly qualified specialists responsible for developing new products, accrediting customer's solutions through proofs of concept, spreading their knowledge and being the reference and support to other BT teams in Latin America.

BT Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure that enables organisations to create, deploy, monitor and manage their own cloud service. A self-service portal provides the tools, resources, expertise - and crucially, flexibility - to put in place tailored cloud solutions to meet the practical needs of our customers. This new-generation service has a breadth of options to support specific business demands as public and private cloud services are incorporated into the organisation.

BT Private Compute is aimed at organisations in the midst of their journey towards virtualisation, looking for dedicated managed infrastructure because of legal or performance requirements, or requiring a solution for complex IT environments. Private Compute includes a range of capabilities which ensure a wide breadth of services, from managed services to private self-managed, locally hosted solutions: clients decide how far to go in terms of virtualisation and management. Organisations can build private services from proven templates to integrate with existing systems. BT can manage the client's private solution in one of its shared facilities, giving the added security that goes with an infrastructure set aside exclusively for each client. BT's experts can supply, install, configure, integrate and maintain the solution, leaving the client's IT team free to focus on innovations and applications to drive business forward.

Both services offer an outstanding availability service level of 99.95%, security ensured by BT's specialists and unparalleled scalability, with global coverage.

"We manage more than 25,000 servers for more than 2,200 customers' platforms across 45 global data centres, combining global services with local infrastructure and support. BT has invested heavily in research and development - so our clients don't have to. Our services and expertise are some of the best available in the Latin American and global markets, which means our clients can focus on their core business and because we can manage and maintain the IT services, we can deliver the benefits of the latest technology with minimal up-front cost, or none at all, to our customers." Ashish Gupta, President, Portfolio & Service Design in BT Global Services


BT helps bridge Colombia's digital divide

Since 2004, BT has been actively supporting the Compartel programme, a social responsibility and telecommunications initiative developed by the Colombian Ministry of Communications since 1999, aiming to benefit remote rural areas by providing infrastructure and services such as telephony and Internet to the Colombians. BT has been one of the communication providers that contribute to Compartel in key projects and in different areas such as satellite access to Internet and wireless point to multipoint networks. Today, BT connects more than 600 municipalities in the country. Previously, teachers sometimes had to travel for days for simple administration tasks such as asking for leave or posting exams results. Now it's online and instant. Local authorities work more efficiently too, as e-government grows and the tele-centres have inspired people to set up new businesses. BT has made significant investment in Colombia every year since Compartel began.

In the recent months, BT employees carried out the Jirira volunteering project aimed at reducing the digital divide within the populations of rural areas of Colombia, by leveraging the broadband internet access provided by BT to Colombian public schools. Jirira means "to communicate" in the native language of the Indian tribe Huitoto, of the Colombian Amazon.

One of the schools that has benefited from the project is Soledad No. 5 INOBASOL, an educational institute located on the Caribbean Coast, hosting 60 hearing impaired children between ages of 3 and 16. Given the difficulty for these young students to acquire writing skills, the project has focused on helping them to learn to write as a second language. BT volunteers adapted existing software to Colombian standards to support and assess mathematical as well as writing and reading skills, and help the children learn to write in a playful way

Another school benefiting from the project is AEROMAR, which is also located on the Caribbean Coast, south of the cultural and historical district of Santa Marta. The school hosts 215 students, mostly from low income families. In this case, BT has worked primarily on the implementation of teaching tools and processes to encourage the use of ICT in classrooms. Simultaneously, BT carried out training courses for teachers.

"We recognise the enormous potential for information and communications technology to make a positive difference on the lives of individuals and of whole communities, and on society as a whole. We are very proud of helping Colombia to build stronger communities through the power of our technology and the commitment of our people." Bas Burger, President for Global Commerce and Executive Sponsor for BT Global Services CSR programs

You can read more about BT's sustainability approach on


About BT

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