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History and Overview:

CorpBanca (NYSE:BCA; BCS: CORPBANCA) is a commercial bank with head office in Chile and a presence in the US, Spain and Colombia markets. Owns assets over US$26.000 million and equity close to US$2.178,5 million. Focused on big and medium-sized companies, pr offers full coverage in banking services. CorpBanca complements its business with stockbroker and insurance subsidiaries, corporate trust, custody and security services and investment funds. Since 1995, CorpBanca is part of Saieh Group, achieving a remarkable performance that suits it as the fourth largest private bank in Chile. This reliability allowed CorpBanca to purchase Banco Santander Colombia, operation that counts with the participation of Santo Domingo Group, one of the leading economic conglomerates on the continent. In the three year period 2012-2015,  CorpBanca´s strategy will be based on consolidating its regional expansion process and oriented to take the most of being present in several economic sectors among Latin-America.

CorpBanca Colombia has a presence in 22 cities, reaching more than 50% of the population.


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CorpBanca Colombia Facts:

  • Branches in 22 cities nationwide:

    Bogotá, Medellín, Armenia, Caucasia, Envigado, Itagui, Manizales, Pereira, Rionegro, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Montería, Cali, Pasto, Popayan, Bucaramanga, Barrancabermeja, Cúcuta, Ibagué, Tunja and Villavicencio.

  • Colombian credit ratings: AAA long term, BRC1+ short term.

  • 41.4% banking business growth in the past 3 years.




Products & Services:

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CorpBanca Global Link:

RS Global Link

CorpBanca Global Link provides foreign companies with support on their incursion into the Colombian Market.

  • CorpBanca Global Link provides end to end support on banking and financial services that fit your Company's specific needs.

  • Due to the current Exchange procedures in Colombia, CorpBanca provides skilled orientation for reporting import, export and investment operations, according to Colombian Central Bank's regulations.

  • Joint Venture? Overseas investment? Wondering how to incorporate your company in Colombia? CorpBanca Global Link is the connection between your needs, our banking and financial services and our Investment Banking team.